We want the Guernsey games to be the most engaging and friendliest games ever, and we want to reflect this in our branding by having a logo that is bold and simple.

The logo has to be extremely versatile as it will be used across a whole range of items in different sizes and formats… from the all important pin badges to directional signage. A logo that works well online is essential. We want the Games to be the most interactive ever with a broad use of social media and live streaming. Our social media programme will be launched after the Gibraltar games in 2019.

We wanted to incorporate a sporty theme in our logo. The twos are designed to represent athletes – runners on blocks, swimmers preparing to dive in or a cyclist. 0 represents a track or a target. 1 represents a field or pitch marking.

As well as the main logo, each sports category will have their own individual icon which will be used by the individual sports, online and on signage. These icons will act as a key for athletes and spectators alike.

Logo usage

To help demonstrate how versatile the logo is, we have produced a series of visuals to show how it can work in different contexts.